Food Vendors in Thailand have Major Refrigeration Problems

StyrofoamCooler-300x300With Thailand’s location so near the equator, is it any wonder that the temperatures are rather warm year round? For residents, it is an enjoyable climate to be a part of, even with the rains that fall throughout the year. This warm climate and tourists combine to also give a lot of residents the chance to sell food and other goods on the street. When all combined it can, and has, lead to some major issues for street vendors who sell food, who often use Styrofoam coolers to keep their goods cold.

The Constant Refrigeration Problems Plaguing Thailand

With average temperatures of near 80 throughout most of the year and all of the tourists who want to try out food vendors that are scattered all over Thailand, Styrofoam coolers cannot keep up. They either are unable to keep foods and drinks cold or they become damaged from the constant opening and closing. Other times, foods may go to waste because of a street vendor not making sales fast enough and the food they have prepared may spoil because of the extreme heat. This can lead to lost money.


Some street vendors do not even have a cooler to put their food and drinks into. This is bad considering that even fruits and vegetables need to be kept cool and away from bugs or they can go bad as well.

If you are a food vendor who is tired of wasting your time and money because you do not have a refrigerator that can keep up with your demands; there is a better way of handling it. It may cost you a little at first, but think of how much you will save on wasted foods.

Thailand Has Discovered a Better Way

Thailand’s street vendors are looking into Yeti coolers reviews. They are deciding to take advantage of durable coolers over Styrofoam ones in those areas where refrigerators are not easily accessible. Some of them are opting to save money over the long term by investing some of their money into Grizzly coolers on sale which are able to hold everything they need to store and can keep up with their needs.

These coolers are made with only the most durable materials. They offer protection from extreme heat and can hold ice for many hours. There are a variety of sizes available, and offer a variety of other features that make them the ideal choice for food vendors all over Thailand.

Cooler Features

According to the Yeti cooler reviews, most of their coolers are made with the Yeti brand’s very own PermaFrost insulation. They have lid latches, coldlock gaskets, and more. As you read through the reviews, you will find people from all over the world who have tested them thoroughly in 90 degree heat and had their ice last for days. The same is true for Grizzly coolers.

Both types are usable for people who enjoy extreme boating, hunting, or camping trips. Why wouldn’t they work just as well for the street vendors that line the streets of Thailand? Are you ready to quit wasting food and discover a better way to solve your refrigeration issues?