Pam Real Thai Food

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Pam Real Thai Food

06pam.1.184Pam Panyasiri opened Pam Real Thai in 2001 on West 49th Street, Manhattan, New York, and it has thrived ever since.

Pam’s Thai dishes enjoy centuries of diversity from South, North, Central and Northeast Thailand’s family style cuisine.

Pam puts her care, love and soul into each dish to ensure that everyone enjoys the food.

All her dishes are well prepared and cooked with the right amount of rich curry, flavors and spices.

Pam shared her secret of cooking with the thought in mind:

“I taste, I think, I smell”.  Pam’s secret is the restaurant’s slogan.

Come and join us and exprience traditional Pam Real Thai cooking.

Happy Thai New Year

The traditional New Year’s Day in Thailand is called The Songkran festival. It is celebrated on April 13 – 15. This goes along with the New Year of many calendars of Southeast Asia and in the South. This occasion is appropriate with the Hindu or Buddhist solar calendar.

Water pouring is a tradition and means as a symbol of washing away all the sins. It also has herbs when celebrated in the traditional way.


Songkran festival is the New Year’s Day in Thailand. It is also one of the most important and awaited festivals in the country and the longest holiday in a year. As mentioned above April 13 until 15 are the days Thai people celebrate their New Year’s however if these days fall on weekends then automatically everyone will be happy because there will be two days off the work week.

People overseas are also participating in this event. The name Songkran is from the word Sanskrit or Sankranti. It means to move on or to change. This came from Burma, Vietnam and Laos. The Thais are the one who raised the bar in celebrating the event.



Before the start of the celebration, wives are busy in cleaning and washing their properties and also taking all the unneeded factors that could possibly provide them rotten luck for the remainder of the year. This is a custom which has actually been in practice for a long time and observed well. They secure their Buddha photos and meticulously clean it well to have a good luck.

One of the most awaited scenes of the party would certainly be the ‘water battle‘. As Songkran Celebration is commemorated throughout the most popular time of the year in Thailand, folks appear on the roads– equipped doing water weapons as well as pots of water to sign up with enjoyable and also pleasant wet fights. Also vacationers are welcomed to sign up with because eventually they’ll wind up soaked by the residents.

As discussed above, even though it can create loud noise and exhilarating, these water fights are important to them and actually from the belief that if the water is thrown on you, it purifies your body. Water really cleanses your body and your soul as well.

Songkran is also a time when people in Thailand donates alms to monks and visit Buddhist holy places such as temples. To pay tribute to the Buddhist divine beings. Sand castles are made in complexes and color flags are hung too. These are part of the tradition.

So if you are planning to visit Thailand on their New Year’s festival bring your family and friends with you to experience one of a kind celebration. But then again don’t forget that you should also mind that this occasion is really important to Thai people.

As Songkran Festival is coming people are invited to get a Thailand tour package and they can join the fun and festivities. Rest assured your visit will be safe and sound.

Food Vendors in Thailand have Major Refrigeration Problems

StyrofoamCooler-300x300With Thailand’s location so near the equator, is it any wonder that the temperatures are rather warm year round? For residents, it is an enjoyable climate to be a part of, even with the rains that fall throughout the year. This warm climate and tourists combine to also give a lot of residents the chance to sell food and other goods on the street. When all combined it can, and has, lead to some major issues for street vendors who sell food, who often use Styrofoam coolers to keep their goods cold.

The Constant Refrigeration Problems Plaguing Thailand

With average temperatures of near 80 throughout most of the year and all of the tourists who want to try out food vendors that are scattered all over Thailand, Styrofoam coolers cannot keep up. They either are unable to keep foods and drinks cold or they become damaged from the constant opening and closing. Other times, foods may go to waste because of a street vendor not making sales fast enough and the food they have prepared may spoil because of the extreme heat. This can lead to lost money.


Some street vendors do not even have a cooler to put their food and drinks into. This is bad considering that even fruits and vegetables need to be kept cool and away from bugs or they can go bad as well.

If you are a food vendor who is tired of wasting your time and money because you do not have a refrigerator that can keep up with your demands; there is a better way of handling it. It may cost you a little at first, but think of how much you will save on wasted foods.

Thailand Has Discovered a Better Way

Thailand’s street vendors are looking into Yeti coolers reviews. They are deciding to take advantage of durable coolers over Styrofoam ones in those areas where refrigerators are not easily accessible. Some of them are opting to save money over the long term by investing some of their money into Grizzly coolers on sale which are able to hold everything they need to store and can keep up with their needs.

These coolers are made with only the most durable materials. They offer protection from extreme heat and can hold ice for many hours. There are a variety of sizes available, and offer a variety of other features that make them the ideal choice for food vendors all over Thailand.

Cooler Features

According to the Yeti cooler reviews, most of their coolers are made with the Yeti brand’s very own PermaFrost insulation. They have lid latches, coldlock gaskets, and more. As you read through the reviews, you will find people from all over the world who have tested them thoroughly in 90 degree heat and had their ice last for days. The same is true for Grizzly coolers.

Both types are usable for people who enjoy extreme boating, hunting, or camping trips. Why wouldn’t they work just as well for the street vendors that line the streets of Thailand? Are you ready to quit wasting food and discover a better way to solve your refrigeration issues?


Thailand Songkran Festival

The Songkran Festival

The Songkran Festival is Thailand’s New Year’s celebration. It is held each year from April 13 through April 15. The word Songkran stems from the Sanskrit word, “Samkranti” which means literally, “Astrological Passage” because it coincides with the New Year of many South and Southeast Asian Calendars. However, there is more to this tradition than meets the eye. It is also dubbed the World’s Biggest Water Fight.

It Is Tradition

The largest water fight is a tradition that stems from throwing water onto others as a way of washing all the bad stuff away. Sometimes there are fragrant herbs which is also a part of the true traditional celebration. These herbs further increase the effectiveness of the cleaning.Songkran (1)

The people of Thailand celebrate it by tossing buckets of water upon others. They may also use water pistols and using anything else that will hold water. To put it simply, it is the ideal time to throw water at your friends and family, even perfect strangers if you choose, and no one gets offended by your actions. Nor should anyone get offended, this is all done in good spirits. Young and old alike partake in these events.

It is a celebration that is a major part of the Buddhist calendar and a lot of people celebrate it in a big way that goes well beyond the water fight. There are people who celebrate by drinking and hosting huge parties. Perhaps that is why many people are choosing to stay home and invite a few friends over for a 3 day long pool party instead of the traditional tossing water.

Safety Comes to Thailand’s Songkran

Because of the fact that Songkran is a huge celebration, you cannot expect people to avoid partying. Partying includes drinking and unfortunately driving while they are drinking. During the yearly celebration there are accidents everywhere, and a lot of them are fatal. Therefore, many who celebrate choose a safer way of doing it. They combine pools with the celebration and everyone gets to play it a little safer.


With a pool you can have the water, you can wash away that bad stuff that may be plaguing you, or you can splash and throw water on others. Maybe add a floating island raft to make your pool even that much cooler. You can also drink all that you want to drink and the host of the party can hold all the car keys. They can lock the keys in a safe place where no one can get to them and the party can go on, accident and worry free.

Safety in the Pool

When it comes to your next water fight celebration, you can safely host a party that will ensure your family and friends stay safe during the holiday. Everything that can be done on the streets can be done in your yard. If people still want to venture out, there is no reason to stop them. If you hold their keys, you can be certain that they will not become another statistic.

Keep your Songkran Festival and all those that you know and love safe this year. Everyone will thank you for allowing them the option to use your swimming pool as a meeting ground and party spot. The good news it maintaing a pool nowadays couldn’t be easier, especially if you have intex pool pumps. These pumps are among the best in the industry. Who knows, it may be the biggest water fight in your neighborhood and perhaps it will be the safest.

How to Protect Your Skin In Thialand

Wear Protection

Bring a hat or an umbrella if you think of going out when the sun’s rays are on its peak mostly at 11 am to 2 pm otherwise look for a shade whenever necessary. Wear long sleeves and jackets to cover your skin.

Check the Label

If you don’t have much time to prepare your own sunscreen, you may purchase ready-made natural creams out there. Most are made from natural oils like coconut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil etc. Shea butter is also popular. Zinc oxide comes with different SPF value too. Most product manufacturers place the SPF value on their items.

Extra Precaution on your Medications

There are medications that make your skin more susceptible to damage. Anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular and medications for pimples and acne add to your skin sensitivity. Your skin easily burn while you are taking these medicines.

Here are the best natural sunscreens for this year.

Arcona Reozon

Made of full spectrum sunscreen, the Arcona Reozone will protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

MexiTan and Tropical Sands Suns

It’s a 100% natural with SPF 30. Do you want to learn how to start a fashion blog and share how good this is? Try this on. This product is water resistant. If you sweat easily after exercise, this product won’t easily wane off. It suits in almost all skin types. It contains no harmful chemicals. Sold for only $15 at Amazon. You’ll definitely love Tropical Sands since it’s biodegradable and nature friendly. And more, it comes with green tea extract too.

Purple Prairie SunStuff Natural Sunscreens

A perfect blend of zinc and cocoa butter, the SunStuff is rated as among the best-seller suncreens this year. Available in various online sites for only $25.

Solbar Zinc Sun Protection Cream

If you’re looking for an affordable suncreen with high level of SPF, the Solbar Zinc Sun Protection cream is one of the best pick. For only $13, you can enjoy the benefit of complete sun protection at a level of SPF 38.

Alba Botanica Mineral Sunscreen?

Are you on a tight budget? You’ll never have to worry about that because Alba Botanica Mineral Sunscreen is now available for only $7.35. Make it sure that you protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

Choosing the best sunscreen is a daunting task. Some say check the label. Unfortunately, most products use similar ingredients, making it a more difficult. So, what’s the best sunscreen? Go for higher sun protection factor (SPF). Choose SPF 15 and higher. This is enough to protect you from minimal sun rays. Go for SPF 30 if you have family history of lupus and other skin probelems. This will increase your protection.

Next, see it to it that the product works for both UVA and UVB. Ecamsule is a new cosmetic ingredient that blocks the UVA. Another is the broad-spectrum feature. This means that the product contains active ingredients lik cinnamages, avobenzone, ecamsule, etc to add to the suncreen’s protection and effectiveness.

How to Reduce Global Warming

Over the last century, the global temperature raised by more than 1 degree Fahrenheit or approximately 0.74 degrees Celsius. We can’t directly observe this change but climate experts would say it happens fast since 1980s.

Global Warming and the Indicators of Climate Change

The average increase in the global temperature is referred to as global warming. Global warming started during the booming age of industrial revolution and continued rapidly in the twentieth century. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA explained various indicators of climate change that points to global warming.

In such climate condition, humidity, tropospheric temperature, ocean temperature, sea surface temperature, land temperature and the sea levels are expected to rise. Whereas, the glaciers, snow covers and sea ice may melt.

The Greenhouse effect

Most greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, sulphur hexafluoride, perfluorocarbons, nitrous oxides and water vapor are naturally occurring and actually contribute to life of the earth’s inhabitants. For instance, we know that plants and trees need carbon dioxide to live.

It is the greenhouse imbalance that leads to global warming. The more heat gets trapped makes the earth unfit to habitation of human beings and other living creatures. Unfortunately, industrialization and some human activities are ultimately contributing to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Man-made Activities: the Culprit to Climate Change

What is happening to the earth is man-made and this is undeniably the greatest issue faced by the people in this planet. We now need the best portable air conditioners to stay cool. Air pollution from gases excreted from factories, vehicle and even in simple household appliances. A higher portion of the annual increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is brought about by burning fossil fuels. Anthropogenic changes in the land and industrialization also contribute to this condition. Just imagine how 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide can affect the world in a year time.

It’s known to all that industrialization has brought significant change in the atmospheric carbon dioxide level. However, the level has never risen this much until the last few decades. The drastic change is too obvious and it can’t be ignored.

Cold Weather in Some Areas of the Earth

While others use the term weather pattern and climate change interchangeably, there is a significant difference to both. Weather patterns are relatively short-term conditions while climate change is long-term.

How come that in various areas of the world experienced extremely cold temperature and others very heavy rains when there is an existing global warming? Others are skeptical; some are confused giving the idea that global warming must have stopped. But it did not. More scientists and climate experts are convinced with the studies and recent data that global warming still exists and it caused chaotic weather imbalance.

How to Get Your Kids to Play Outside

It’s no surprise that the more time we spend on electronics (smart phones, tablets, computers, television), the less time we spend outdoors. As our lives become more and more consumed with technology, it’s getting increasingly difficult to get children outside connecting with nature and friends and away from the television and computer screens. While technology does offer many benefits to children in this day and age, socializing with friends and partaking in outdoor activities is also essential for their physical, mental and social development.  Here are some ideas on how to get your kids, and yourself, to give the electronics a break and enjoy the great outdoors.

Camp in the backyard

If you can’t afford to take the family camping, set up a tent in the backyard and let their imaginations run wild. Roast marshmallows and tell them scary stories. Let their friends join them for a slumber party, or make it a family event and camp outside with them.

Invest in a trampoline

A trampoline is a great way for the family and/or neighborhood kids to get together for a good time. Not only will this have your kids begging to go outside and play, they will be getting exercise as well. Read some reviews to find the best trampoline for you.

Send them on a treasure hunt

If your children enjoy hide-and-seek or hunting for Easter eggs, set up a treasure hunt for them. It will coax them outside and also get them working on some problem-solving skills.

Teach them games from your childhood

Remember the days of playing Kick-the-can, Capture the Flag, and Red Rover? Get the neighborhood kids together and teach them to play. This is a great way for them to connect with other friends, all while getting some exercise.

Take a family bicycle ride

Go for a bike ride to a nearby park. Maybe even pack a picnic. Play a game of I-Spy or try incorporating a scavenger hunt while you ride. This is another great tactic to get them exercising and connecting with nature.

Build a Fort

Let them exercise their imaginations and build a “secret space” of their own with old blankets, cardboard boxes, tree branches, etc. Let their creativity run wild!

Go on a wildlife walk

Take a stroll around the neighborhood, or even just around the house. See how many animals and insects they can spot – birds, squirrels, butterflies – whatever you might come across. You could break it down even more and see how many types of birds they spot. They might even learn a thing or two.

 Sign them up for a sport

Have them choose at least one sport they are interested in and sign them up. This is a great way to get them involved with other kids and to keep them in shape. It gets them out of the house and brings out their competitive side, which is a great motivating factor.

Turn on the sprinklers

Nothing is better than running wild in the sprinklers on a hot, sunny day.  Throw in a slip-n-slide and they will love you forever.